Multi System Gas Water Heater

  • GENUS PREMIUM EVO HP 85-100-115-150

    Wall-Hung, high power, only heating condensing boiler
    >class A ★★★★ efficiency +35% savings class NOx 5 designed for solar integration
    • With its condensing technology, Genus Premium Evo HP forgives you the 35% energy saving, on your gas bill.
    • Even more energy saving is guaranteed thanks to the two speed pump (only for 85-100 kW) or full modulating pump (for 85-100-115-150 kW) ,available as optional accessories;
    • The “AUTO function” in addition with the Senses, the system interface, avoids temperature fluctuations, and by consequence the reduced consumption is assured.
    • Genus Premium Evo HP offers the best enjoyable design of its category, thanks to the accurate study of the lines, and of the external shape;
    • The Wide Dot Matrix Back lit LCD display, with scrolling icons, allows a very easy navigation, a full control of all the parameters, working conditions, and the auto diagnostic error code’s;
    • Genus Premium Evo HP gives a full system capability: thanks to bus bridge net communication protocol and the Senses, the system interface, you can easily manage all the components of your system;
    • The new range of HP boilers is designed for the cascade installation, both in line and back to back to back one;

    Download Specification HERE

  • Gas Boiler XL

    The XL boiler range utilises the patented OSS Stainless Steel, long life heat exchanger to provide
    maximum efficiency for the lifetime of the boiler.
    By combining the fully modulating premix burner technology
    with the inbuilt electronic modulating pump and energy
    management system, the  XL boiler is one of the most
    efficient boilers on the market today. With class leading
    efficiencies validated by Gastec at 110.3%, XL boilers can
    theoretically recover 99.3 pence for £1 of gas used.
    The high efficiency of the boiler also greatly reduces the
    amount of flue gas emissions ie, CO2 and NOx. The XL boiler
    also achieves the maximum BREEAM points for low NOx with
    emissions of less the 30mg/kWh across the range.

  • SGA CA

    Gas storage water heater open chamber natural draught.

    Ease guaranteed.

    -Works in remote areas: low water pressure and without electricity
    -Easy to install
    -50 – 80 – 100 l vertical wall-hung
    -120 – 150 – 200 – 300 – 500 – 800 – 1000 l floor standing

  • SGA FB

    Gas storage water heater sealed chamber balanced draught.

    Ease guaranteed.

    -Works in remote areas: low water pressure and without electricity
    -Easy to install
    -80 – 100 l vertical wall-hung
    -120 – 150 – 200 l floor standing

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