GENUS PREMIUM EVO HP 85-100-115-150

GENUS PREMIUM EVO HP 85-100-115-150

Wall-Hung, high power, only heating condensing boiler
>class A ★★★★ efficiency +35% savings class NOx 5 designed for solar integration
• With its condensing technology, Genus Premium Evo HP forgives you the 35% energy saving, on your gas bill.
• Even more energy saving is guaranteed thanks to the two speed pump (only for 85-100 kW) or full modulating pump (for 85-100-115-150 kW) ,available as optional accessories;
• The “AUTO function” in addition with the Senses, the system interface, avoids temperature fluctuations, and by consequence the reduced consumption is assured.
• Genus Premium Evo HP offers the best enjoyable design of its category, thanks to the accurate study of the lines, and of the external shape;
• The Wide Dot Matrix Back lit LCD display, with scrolling icons, allows a very easy navigation, a full control of all the parameters, working conditions, and the auto diagnostic error code’s;
• Genus Premium Evo HP gives a full system capability: thanks to bus bridge net communication protocol and the Senses, the system interface, you can easily manage all the components of your system;
• The new range of HP boilers is designed for the cascade installation, both in line and back to back to back one;

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  • Up to 6 boilers in line installation, and up to 8 boilers in back to back installation


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• The compatibility with modulating thermoregulation accessories , and the «AUTO function» avoid temperature fluctuations and peaks, forgiving a constant temperature for the maximum thermic comfort;
• The boiler can be easily connected with a three way-valve, and a tank probe in order to allow the production of domestic hot water, thanks to the connection with an external tank;
• Genus Premium Evo HP is made up with the best material available: the stainless steel used for the primary heat ex-changer guarantee high reliability and very long life-cycle;
• The addition of heating return filter guarantees boiler protection from water impurities accumulation;
• The use of anti-seizing systems prevent freezing and scale accumulation, protecting not only the wall-hung boiler, but even your whole system;
• The included low pressure sensor protects the boilers against low water pressure conditions;

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